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Plugin Description

WordPress plugin places a button in your theme allowing visitors to grab the short url for that page by copying it to their clipboard. Supports shortening services tinyurl, digg,, and also can generate custom shortlinks based on your site’s domain name.

Click here for a live example.

Why GetShortlink?

When you have the need to quickly and easily cut & paste a link that you want to email to a friend or use on Twitter, GetShortlink let’s you K.I.S.S.: Keep it simple, Stupid.  Grab the shortlink just like you would from your browser URL field, paste and send!

Also, for those concerned with potential “link rot” from relying on third-party link-shortening services, or for those just wanting to extend their brand and get their name out there via atomization of their own domain name, then GetShortlink provides the perfect solution allowing you to serve up shortlinks based on your own site’s url.

No longer is there a need to search through admin pages nor shortlink libraries: GetShortlink places your shortlinks where and how you and your visitors need them most — on your published pages, ripe for the taking!

GetShortlink Admin Settings Panel & Features

• Choose shortening service or use Get Shortlink to generate based on ID#
• Include a URL prefix to match other shortening plugs you may have been using.
• Choice of placement including Hidden for manually embedding into theme using function         wp_show_getshortlink()
• Customize text appearing next to the Get Shortlink button published on your live site

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Plugin Installation

• Upload folder `get-shortlink` to the `/wp-content/plugins/` directory
• Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

GetShortlink Plugin Home Page

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