The amr-users plugin allows an administrator to design their own users lists or reports.  It offers a basic set of lists to start with to get you going and almost unlimited ability to dig deep into  user meta values and generate focused tailored listings.


  • each list is highly configurable
  • add more listings
  • users listings by almost all meta keys and values,
  • offers comment count and post count by author within the listings,
  • includes display, inclusion, exclusion, sorting configuration
  • export to CSV .

If you are attempting to integrate multiple plugins for your membership site, then this may be the tool for you.  If those plugins store data in the user meta table, this plugin will access it (whether it is an array or an object) and convert the keys to more accessible data as though they were straight meta values.


Download from WordPress (soon I hope, has been uploaded, but not showing yet!). or else at the plugin’s post


More are available here:

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Admin area for administrator only

The admin settings area is aimed at an administrator, who will can alter, or  setup more  reports for less skilled editors or website managers.

Configured User listings for editors

The first field of each listing will offer a link to edit that user.

The fields you see listed will vary depending on the plugins that you have in use, and on the meta data that the plugins may have created.  In the Screenshots you will some data from subscribe 2, register plus and your members plugins.