“Amr personalise” allows one to personalise wordpress emails, or content for a logged in user. It offers shortcode type functionality in any email template or page or post. It extracts the user data of the logged in viewer or email address. A default text can be specified for situations where there are no stored name details ie not logged in, or no names provided – (eg: with the plugin subscribe2. )

 The idea came about when developing a membership website that used subscribe2 and “your members”.


[user] will look first for user short name, then display name, or nick name, or username, or a default specified (eg: Reader) if nothing else can be used
[user user_email] will replace the text with the email address if logged in etc

It also allows you to customise the sender email address that wordpress uses to send the emails, as well as the sender name.

Future releases hope to allow one to personalise with more user fields, included those buried in meta data objects.  This may be useful in membership sites where one may want to reflect data such as expiry dates and membership types currently stored as objects in the user meta data.


At wordpress http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/amr-personalise/

Please see the plugin page http://webdesign.anmari.com/plugins/personalise/ for more information, and also before you go ahead with setting up your site to be more “personalised” consider the points made here: http://webdesign.anmari.com/personalised-emails-or-communications/ 



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