Adds an SEO friendly, accessible regular or dropdown menu to your WordPress powered site. To see a live demo of the plugin in action, please visit our demo site.

Demonstration of the PixoPoint Menu plugin in actionDemonstration of the PixoPoint Menu plugin in action. This example demonstrates a dropdown menu with a graphical shadow.

Restyling your menu

Unlike other menu plugins for WordPress, this one allows you to totally restyle your menu to look however you want, but you never need to touch a line of code to do it. You can totally restyle your menu and rearrange the menu contents all within your WordPress installation via an easy to use interface.

The editor for restyling your menu
The editing panel used to restyle the design of your menu. You can change colours, text sizes, boldness, italics, use graphics or even add a smooth shadow effect to dropdown menus all from the easy to use interface.

The editor system operates from your own site, but behind the scenes it sends your design preferences back to the PixoPoint server for processing. The required CSS data is then sent back to your WordPress install for it to be used in your menu. When you save your design, that CSS is saved into your WordPress database. The plugin only needs to access the PixoPoint server if you choose to modify the design in the future.

Arranging menu items

You can choose from a selection of different menu items to include in your menu, from Pages to Categories, Blog posts or even a search box can all be added to your menu via an easy to use drag and drop interface in the plugins admin page. For those of you looking for the ultimate control, you can even choose one of the custom code boxes to insert whatever HTML code you wish. For those using the Pages option, you can rearrange your WordPress Pages via another simple drag and drop interface under the ‘Advanced’ tab in the plugins admin page.

The drag and drop interface for modifying the menus contents
Drag and drop interface for modifying the menu contents of the PixoPoint Menu plugin.


Upload the complete pixopoint-menu folder to the /wp-content/plugins/ directory OR install it via the WordPress plugin repository browser

1. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress
2. Either: Add <?php if(function_exists(‘pixopoint_menu’)) {pixopoint_menu();} ?> to your theme wherever you want the menu to appear (usually your header.php file) or choose the ‘Auto theme support’ option in the plugins admin panel (works with Hybrid, Thematic, Thesis and many other popular WordPress themes).
3. Visit the “PixoPoint Menu” page in your WordPress settings menu and control how the menu behaves via the plethora of different options
4. Click the ‘Load editor’ button in the plugins admin page to modify the design via the easy to use editing panel


If you follow all of the instructions here and if followed all of the instructions in the plugin and on the installation page then please post a question in our support forum.