MiniCart will implement a mini-shopping-cart in your blog. You can add items from the admin side and embed the cart into posts. This can also be used as a donation plugin. By design, you can only show one item in a cart.

Download MiniCart

Demo of MiniCart in action


  • Supports Paypal
  • Easy to use interface
  • You can also embed it directly into a post
  • One item/cart restriction. This will force the users to focus on just one item.


This is what a unstyled cart looks like.

Editing an individual item

Listing all items


  1. Download the zipped file.
  2. Extract and upload the contents of the folder to /wp-contents/plugins/ folder
  3. Enable the plugin from WordPress admin area
  4. Go to Settings > Mini-Cart Setting page and set the paypal id(Make sure this is done).
  5. Go to Tools > Cart Items and create items
  6. Embed the cart in a post by using the code [MINICART item="ID_OF_ITEM"] anywhere in a post/page.
  7. Alternatively, you can use the code [MINICART donate] to show a donation form.