Using WordPress is normally bound to a dedicated language, those you have installed with your localized package. But nevertheless WordPress can run with several languages in parallel. This is often required if you are writing posts at more than one language for international readers.
Furthermore the blog owner may have native writers, who are publishing articles in their language to get a better quality. But in most cases they are unable to choose the admin center language because the owner forces this to English or another dedicated language for all.

The plugin permits several options the administrators can enable for all blog members (including subscribers). The following brief list explains them:

  • extend logon screen (allow member to choose at login)
  • extend personal profile (allow member to define it at profile)
  • extend admin center head (allow a quick language switcher)

All this options can be mixed as you need it for your blog.

How to obtain languages ?

On of the build in feature is a repository scan on demand for version matching WordPress language files. The administrators can search and download the required languages out of into their WordPress installation.

What’s about text directions ?

Some languages need additional assistance because the normal text direction left to right (LTR) is not the normal behavior. In case of languages that have to be processed right to left (RTL) the plugin also ensures correct handling and provides the required assistance if it could not be found at the repository.

Futher details about the plugin can be found at the plugin’s homepage “WP Native Dashboard”. It is also available on the WordPress plugin directory and thereby supported at autoupdate.

Addition: In the mean time it has been tested against WPMU and also BuddyPress and works without any problems so far.

Starting with version 1.1.0 the plugin supports the WordPress build-in file system and work also proper at systems, where direct file access has not been permitted.

This plugins comes with english (build in) and also with a german translation (language file). If you want it also at your language, please send me your translation. You can do this using my other plugin CodeStyling Localization. It provides a WordPress integrated language file translation system (as known as from PoEdit) but all pure as WordPress Plugin. Source scanning also included. Normally this should be the contribute to this competition, but it has been written in front of the given date and was to late for last one competition.

Any feedback is welcome, please send me suggestions and wishes for upcomming versions.