To protect yourself from losing modifications to your theme when you update, you should not make direct changes to your theme or even include new files in that theme folder, if you use automatic update for the later. It’s also impossible for a single site to make changes to their theme inside of a WPMU install. This plugin, called Theme Options, provides a solution to a wide range of problem involved with modifying themes.

Problems this plugin addresses:

  • How to allow WPMU sites to make individual changes to a single theme.
  • How to prevent WordPress sites from losing theme changes.
  • How to manage changes to your current theme, instead of mixing them together.
  • How to quickly and efficiently add code the smart and safe way.
  • How to make your site more safe in the theme section.

Features of this plugin:

  • Management of code in file and database form.
  • Backend code editor with code highlighting.
  • Activate, copy, create, deactivate, delete, edite, and upload code.
  • Turns off code snippets that cause fatal errors.
  • Filtering of code snippets by status, author, storage type, and tags.
  • Bulk activate, deactivate, and delete.
  • Database storage of snippets, which is great for WPMU.
  • Hook Converting for code snippets.
  • Supports the WordPress in Your Language Standard.

Pre-packed code snippets:

  • Favicon
  • Comment highlighting
  • Custom background & logo header
  • Author section in post
  • Theme image management
  • Element formatting.
  • Others upon request or that are submitted.

Who this plugin is designed for:

  • Non-technical people who want to add features to their site’s design or functionality.
  • People new to PHP & HTML who want to make changes to their theme.
  • People who get code from forum helpers and tutorials.
  • Developers who make code snippets and tutorials.
  • Theme supporters who want to test code before giving it out.
  • WordPress MU sites.

This plugin works by taking advantage of WordPress hooks that are located in themes. Using hooks is the recommended way of changes WordPress its self, but also themes. You can checkout a few screenshots of the plugin in the Extend Plugin Repository.

More info and download link:

Theme Options in the WordPress Plugin Repository.

Feedback and Requests:

I’m always looking for feedback in terms of feature requests, bugs, errors, typos, enhancements, default code snippets, or other ways to improve this plugin. If you would like me to go into more detail about anything just ask in the comments below.