This is a small plugin that will allow you to display a newsflash box above your posts. Here are the main features:

  • Displays a box over your posts with a newsflash text.
  • It can be plain text or HTML.
  • Since it can contain HTML it can be virtually anything, from simple announcements to videos, images, posts etc.
  • It is easily style-able since the CSS can be tweaked from within the admin (no code tinkering what so ever)
  • Can be set to expire on a certain date/time.
  • Can be set to show up on home page only or all the pages.
  • Can be set to be displayed only a set number of times (for instance only 5 times).
  • Does not add an overhead to the loading time since it uses the WordPress options table which preloads with the core, therefore no extra queries are executed to render.

Further details, documentation, screenshots and support are provided at the plugin’s homepage. It is also available on the WordPress plugin directory (for an easy auto install).