Geo Mark is a WordPress Plugin which will automatically locate Geo information in your WordPress posts using Yahoo Placemaker and YQL API’s.

Once the Geo location is located, it will add this information as custom fields to the post. The information stored in the custom field can be displayed anywhere in the post using the build in get_post_meta() function. The Plugin also exposes template functions which can be used to generate GEO Microformats based on the location information found in the post.

Geo enabled RSS feeds

The Geo Mark Plugin also lets you to expose the location based information in RSS feeds. The Geo information stored in the custom field can be used to create Geo tags in the RSS feed. The Plugin supports the following Geo RSS formats as shown in the screenshot.

  • Simple (georss:point)
  • GML (gml:pos)
  • W3C (geo:lat)


Geo Mark WordPress Plugin Settings page


Template Function

The geo information stored in the custom fields can be exposed as GEO Microformats by calling the following template function, anywhere within the Loop.

<?php get_geo_info(the_ID()) ?>

Enabling Geo RSS

To enable Geo RSS, go to settings –> Geo Mark and check the “Enable GeoRSS tags in feed” option. You can also choose which format of Geo RSS that you want to support.


The Plugin is available on the WordPress Plugin directory. Support is available at Plugin’s home page or at the author’s original announcing post.

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