As a lot of WordPress users, I also use the bookmarker Delicious. Both of the tools are efficient to manage links, but we have to decide if we want to manage our links in the both tools, or use each of these tools differently. If we choose the first case, we have to enter the links twice.

Some plugins allow to display the Delicious links in our blog, but most of them just read RSS feeds coming from Delicious. This method has several disadvantages:

  • They can adress only the last updated or added links,
  • Use RSS, even with a cache, can slow down your blog,
  • Links are not stored permanently in the WordPress database.

EG-Delicious-Sync use the HTTP API of Delicious, and allows to perform a true full backup of your Delicious links, into the WordPress database, in the standard table (wp_links). So, after this synchronization, you can use the standard features of WordPress to manage and display these links (widgets, template tags …), as if the Delicious posts are local.

You can customize the backup (or synchronization) with a number of options:

  • You can entirely control the links classification, by assigning the WordPress categories of links, with the Delicious bundles, or the Delicious tags,
  • You can specify if you want a single categories per link, or allow several categories,
  • Specify if you want to keep the links already existing in the WordPress databases

Planned features for next version:

  • Display Delicious network badge (widgets, or template tags),
  • Display Tagsroll,
  • Advanced blogroll widget.

The full description and documentation is available HERE. The plugin is available on the WordPress plugin repository.

Your feedbacks are welcome!