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SEO Ultimate is a WordPress SEO system for your blog. It incorporates existing SEO features into one suite, improves on those features in the process, and adds new SEO features and tools.

Of course, standard SEO features are included:

  • Title rewriting
  • Noindex checkboxes
  • Meta editing
  • Canonical tags
  • Post meta box

SEO Ultimate also has these additional capabilities:

  • 404 monitoring
  • Linkbox insertion
  • Settings import/export functions

Upcoming features include robots.txt editing, 301 logging, XHTML validation status monitoring, and countless others. (Not all the features will be finished by the end of the competition, but they’ll come eventually.) If you install the plugin now, you can get these features delivered to you on a regular basis via WordPress’s semi-automatic plugin updater.

I’ve also incorporated these extra features into SEO Ultimate:

Yes, you can currently get many of these features using other plugins, but I hope you’ll see SEO Ultimate for what it is: the start of something much grander; a modular development framework that lets me rapidly churn out a major new SEO feature on an almost-weekly basis. A few months from now, SEO Ultimate’s featureset will easily eclipse that of any other free plugin available. (The time limits of the competition require me to release a more modest featureset for the time being.)

Be sure to check out the auto-installer system (at the bottom of linked post) that I invented for this plugin! You can also download the zip file. SEO Ultimate requires WordPress 2.7 or above.

Support is provided via the WordPress Support system.

Your feedback is appreciated!

Download | WordPress Extend page | Screenshots | Changelog | Support