The WP-Devel plugin for WordPress features a ton of debug options to help developers. Debug information is easily turned on/off from the WP-Devel toolbar.

WP-Devel Toolbar ScreenshotIncluded debug information:

  • Show template file viewing
  • Display page/query load times
  • Display all queries executed w/ load times
  • Show all phpinfo

WP-Devel also utilizes the Krumo debugging tool to easily view debug information including:

  • WP_Query and WP array values
  • included files
  • included functions
  • declared classes
  • HTTP Headers
  • defined constants
  • current cookies
  • values in $_SERVER
  • values in $_ENV
  • values in $_SESSION
  • values in $_POST
  • values in $_GET
  • values in $_REQUEST

1. Upload the wp-devel folder to the plugins directory in your WordPress or WPMU installation
2. Activate the plugin

That’s it! The WP-Devel toolbar will automatically display for all site admins allowing you to tweak what debug information is displayed quickly and easily anywhere on your website.

Visit the WP-Devel Plugin homepage or download it from