• Write panel with Tinymce
  • New MP_Newsletter class.
  • New user panel.
  • New MySql tables mp_user_meta & mp_mail_meta with its basic
    functions in MP_User/MP_Mail class
  • Able to display the post title in mail subject using MailPress mail
    decoration (see samples in mp-content in single.php file)

  • Now subscribers can manage their subscriptions to the basic
    newsletters (read below).
  • By default, all active MailPress users receive the basic newsletters
    (post/daily/weekly/monthly) if you decided so (General settings thru
  • By activating the subscription management link (if available in their
    mails), they can now unsubscribe to such or such newsletter (as for
    comments for such or such post they subscribed before.).

*** With the new (optional) add on ‘MailPress_newsletter_categories’
you can allow MailPress users to subscribe to such or such Parent
Well ! this add on is not so light and might overload your server,
**so be cautious**. However, for PHP coders, it is a good example of
how to generate your owns !

*** MailPress_filter_img
* Checkbox in settings “NO mail attachements with site images when
full url is provided”.