Dodo is a WordPress plugin that helps you personalize your blog homepage.

Dodo system tracks user actions on your blog (post reading, searches, comments) and gives a widget-based view to your users, proposing related posts, giving you -the blogger- an overview of what’s hot in your blog. Blogger and users are able to select what actions will be tracked and which widgets (and in what order) will be shown in the personalized view, having the option to switch off the whole view, in one click.

Blogger has also the ability to know every time he/she writes a story, which are the “hot” tags and the most interesting category on his blog, based on the records from post/search tracking, in order to come up with more interesting stories.

Dodo admin interface gives blogger the possibility to watch in real time, how tracking goes, edit widget css and track the 5 hottest tags / categories / searches.

You can read more about Dodo in this explanatory pdf and you can download it from here. All about Dodo in

What I will gain as a blogger?

  • Overview of most interesting tags, categories and search terms of your blog
  • Live view of user actions
  • Story suggestion
  • The ability to offer to your readers a more personal view of your blog, increasing the time

What I will gain as a user?

  • Find the answers to your comments easily
  • Find posts you may be interested in via recommendation algorithm
  • Find latest posts on your favorite tag or category
  • Watch your tagcloud change based on your interests

Some screenshots of Dodo