Broken links Remover wordpress plugin helps you fix bad/broken links, both text links(anchor tags) and image links (img tags).It blocks the display of such links on your wordpress post/page, until you fix them. These links would not be visible to search engine robots as well as the human readers, until you correct them. 

Links are very commonly used in posts/pages. Quite often, these links may get broken when a page, that the link represents, is deleted or when a site to which you have linked has moved to a different domain or when a subdirectory is forgotten or for any other reasons including a typo. 

Broken links, on your site, are bad for your readers as well as the search engine crawlers.
How is Broken links remover different from several broken link checker tools available on the web? 

  • Broken links remover does not scan through all your posts/pages in the background.It works as and when the requestor (human reader or search engine robot) requests a post/page on your wordpress site.However, once a link has been detected as bad/broken, Broken links remover plugin does not check the link’s status again, until you fix it.
  • Broken links remover plugin not only alerts you of bad/broken links through dashboards but it also removes(hides) those links from the requestor’s view

Broken links remover can either use CURL or PHP’s native socket functionalities (FSOCKOPEN) to detect link’s status, as some hosts disable the use of FSOCKOPEN or CURL. 

While Platinum SEO Plugin helps you automate the onsite SEO (search engine optimization) process, Broken links Remover WordPress Plugin complements it by automatically removing/hiding all bad/broken links on your website, until you fix them. 

This plugin helps in making the web cleaner.This plugin also helps you link to the final destination, in case the website to whom you have linked to uses a 301 (permanent) redirection.Eventually you are helping him out, by linking to the page to which he has moved the content.Find out why broken links are bad for both your readers and search engines at my site.