Yank Widget is my meager entry for the competition this year and is available from WordPress Extend: Yank Widget.

Yank Widget allows the placement of page content in sidebar widgets for different pages or posts. It uses WordPress pages for the content and Yank Widgets are set when editing a specific post or page. Yank Widget also allows you to hide these pages so that content used in a Yank Widget will not be shown in your website menus or page lists.

Yank Widget Options

  • Use multiple Yank Widgets to add secondary static content for individual posts and pages.
  • Hide pages used as Yank Widget content from menus and page lists.
  • Hide or change Yank Widget title, or use selected page title.
  • Uses separate database table for easy Yank Widget plugin deinstallation.

I started working on Yank Widget because of constant requests from users and clients for “static yet dynamic” sidebar content. Usually this required customized themes, but that isn’t very flexible. I was very surprised that I could not find a WordPress plugin with similar functionality, so feel free to correct me!

You will actually find an example of a Yank Widget on the Yank Widget Project page and the Using Yank Widget Page.

Ironically this is an election year in the United States, but similarities to geographically centric derogatory slang is pure coincidence.