The Vent events system allows you to use the standard WordPress scheduled posts functionality to enter, list and manage future events.

The administrator can setup the criteria that the Vent system uses to identify an Event. This enables you to continue to enter scheduled posts into WordPress (and more importantly, for them to function exactly as before) whilst still using the new Event functionality.

The simplest of criteria is to mark any events with a distinct category or tag, alternatively you can use any combination of the settings shown above, including looking for a string at the start of a post title (such as “Event:”).

Viewing Events

There are two widgets included with the plugin. One to show the next event and one to list the upcoming events (up to 15), in addition the plugin can add the next event to the top of your home page.

Event Lists

The plugin adds a number of URL permalinks to your system that will allow you and your users to view events taking place over a certain period of time (such as next week or next month). These can be set up within the options of the plugin.

Download and Support

For more details (and support) for this plugin please visit:

To download it click here.