Update: Tabbed Widgets have become much smarter now. If a user clicks on a link inside one of the tabbed widgets, the same widget will be opened by default on the landing page. This is an extremely useful feature if tabbed interface is used for category and archive navigation. You can try this feature on my blog.

Tabbed / Accordion Widgets plugin logo With Tabbed Widgets plugin you can easily create tab and accordion style widgets without writing a single line of code or editing the theme files. Place any of the existing widgets inside a tabbed interface, set random start tab on each page reload and even automatically rotate the widget content in a set time interval.

If your blog’s sidebar suffers from a widget overdose then Tabbed Widgets is the solution for clearing up the clutter and getting it all organized.

Download & Demo

Accordion and Classic Horizontal Tabs

There are two tab style to choose from: tabs and accordion. If you enable tab rotation, accordion style tabs will automatically pause the rotation when the reader hovers the widget and will resume rotation when mouse leaves the tabbed widget block. Such behavior makes the rotation feature user friendly and unobtrusive, while giving the tabbed content maximum exposure.

Vertical accordion tabs and classic horizontal tabs

Tabbed Widget Configuration

These are the configuration options for each of the tabbed widgets. Simply select an existing widget from a drop-down menu and specify the tab title. Automatic rotation and random start tab settings can be set individually for each of the tabbed widgets.

Tabbed Widgets Plugin Settings

Comments and Feedback

If you experience any problems please post them in the comments and provide the URL of the website.

Keep in mind that the way tabs are rendered and look depends on the theme you are using, its CSS identifiers and sidebar widget settings. However the solution is usually a few extra lines of CSS that you have to add to style.css file.