If you have one or more blogs, it’s a rather tedious task to make backups and upgrades. Still, these are among the most important tasks of a blog admin. MultiSiteManager is a new plugin which will handle both backups and upgrades, and it will do this for any number of WordPress blogs!

I think it is fair to say that this plugin is a great step ahead in the security of the WordPress blogosphere: With MSM, one person can keep in charge for many other blogs — e.g. secondary blogs, friends’ blogs, customers’ blogs.

How does it work? After adding FTP information for your sites, you can go to the main panel and start backups and upgrades for all your sites — from one screen:

MultiSiteManager MultiSiteManager backups
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You can choose to backup files and/or the database of the remote blog. With “files”, all WordPress files of the remote WP installation are fetched and zipped. With “database”, all WordPress tables (tables with your $table_prefix) are dumped and zipped. As for the upgrade, you can choose to install the latest or any other WP version.

The plugin doesn’t have too many fancy gimmicks, although it has a couple of little features which will let you see that this is a work of quality. The most important thing was to create a very stable piece of software, which runs many tests and is prepared for many situations. So that *if* the slightest thing goes wrong, no harm is done. This is also, why much effort went into proper events logging and output — so you will have a detailed overview of what happens with your precious blogs.

Download and enjoy MultiSiteManager!