Hi all,

Thanks to all the feedback I reveived I just released a new version of postTabs. Im glad to see that this plugin is being useful to many people.

You can download and try it at the same address: http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/posttabs/

Here is the changelog, And you can have a look at the new options on the screenshot below:

* Even better cross-theme CSS compatibility

* fixed – now xhtml compliant (tks to ovidiu)
* fixed – path to javascript works with wordpress installed on subdirectory (tks to ovidiu)
* fixed appearence on RSS feeds and other situations where the post is presented outside the context (i.e. wp-print plugin). Now it hides the unordered list and displays a title at the top of each tab content (tks to JK)

New Features

* Choose the tabs alignment
* When page reloads it remembers wich tab was opened
* You can choose wether tabs links will only show-hide tabs or will point to a individual permalink for each tab
* add option to display the tab permalink as post metadata information.