Hi To everyone.

I would like to share this plugin i uploaded yesterday on my blog. It has been created using the Obamaslideshow from Devthought and put to work with WordPress for me.

Dk Obama WordPress Plugin

Basically it is a featured content space, so you can put some stuff you really want to have everyone seeing on your blog.

There are no longer descriptions since i wanted it to be as simple as i needed.

Admin & Customization:

  • It is totally controlled by and tab in de Wp admin so you can control the imagens, titles and links with no worryes.
  • You can customize it with no worry, since all folders are named to it. Just access the Css folder and images folder inside the plugin.
  • Also with it in my blog you can have the psd i used to make the featured images.


Dk Obama WordPress Plugin

Template-Slide (the photoshop file)