The ComicPress Manager plugin, in conjunction with the ComicPress theme, turns WordPress into a fully-featured Webcomic management system.  It reduces the amount of work needed to publish and manage a regularly scheduled Webcomic through WordPress, and its import feature make it trivial to move from other Webcomic systems to ComicPress.

ComicPress Manager adds a new tab to the Admin interface:

Almost all comic and comic post management can be performed within the ComicPress administration area.  Before ComicPress Manager, properly-named comics had to be transferred to the host’s server via FTP/SFTP, and the theme configuration, post creation, post deletion, and imports from other systems had to be performed manually & done one post at a time.  For the majority of users, ComicPress Manager streamlines the following processes:

  • When posting a new single comic, ComicPress Manager will upload the file to the server, generate thumbnails for the Archive pages and RSS feed (if ImageMagick or GD is installed), generate a properly dated, timed, tagged, and categorized post for the comic (using the comic’s filename as the title, or using a specified title), and provide the Visual Editor component to write the post’s content without having to hop back to the Post Editor.
  • If a user wants to upload multiple comics, they have the option of batch uploading multiple files or by uploading a Zip file (if the zip extension is installed).  ComicPress Manager will generate dated, timed, tagged, and categorized posts for each comic uploaded, and will generate thumbnails.
  • When importing comics from another Webcomic system, ComicPress Manager will generate a dated, timed, tagged, and categorized posts, and generate thumbnails for each comic imported.
  • Comics can be deleted from the site, and the associated post will be deleted as well.
  • When in the Post Editor for a comic post, the comic that will be going live with that post will be shown.
  • The ComicPress config, which is stored in a comic file in the theme’s directory called comicpress-config.php, can be edited from the ComicPress Manager interface.  The user’s ComicPress installation is also sanity-checked to ensure that the correct directories are writable, that categories are configured properly, and that thumbnails can be generated & written.

Support for the plugin and for the ComicPress theme are provided on the Lunchbox Funnies forum.  The current stable version is available on the WordPress Plugin Repository, and beta versions, usually to fix individual user’s issues or to fulfill feature requests, are regularly posted on the Lunchbox Funnies forum.  Even though the plugin is still under heavy development, some authors have already found it quite useful:

If you’re a Webcomic author, and you’re looking to switch to WordPress + ComicPress, be sure to try out ComicPress Manager and let me know what you think!