I’ve just released a new version of my plugin, PostGroups. I’ve improved a few things in the code and solved some minor bugs.

In short (for those who missed my previous entry on this plugin :-) ), PostGroups allows you to place your posts in groups which can then be navigated individually, pretty much transforming your default single blog WordPress installation to a multi-blog site. For example, you can create a group of posts called “Quotations” where you’ll place various citations from authors you like. Another group may be called “My pics”, where users may see all your travel photos, and so on.

An additional explanation may be useful here. What my plugin does might sound similar with using categories. However, browsing all posts that belong to a category is in fact an archive-like browsing; depending on your blog theme, the posts will be shown differently from the normal posts page. For example, when clicking on a category name, the posts may have only their titles shown, while their content may not be displayed at all; the whole category listing may have a ‘whatever_category_name Archives’ heading, which is quite different from what a normal blog home page looks like.

This plugin really splits your blog in different blogs, where each such sub-blog looks the same. And you can still use the same category on posts belonging to different groups. For example, an entry placed in a “Musings” groups may show the world what were your thoughts from your last visit to London, and assign it a, well, “London” category (among others). At a later time you can have another post under the same category, but neatly placed in your “My travel pics” group, where you gather photos only.

As usual, you can download the plugin from the WordPress Plugin Repository.

Support is available on the plugin support forum. You can also leave your comments here, on this blog.

My previous entry on this plugin (with screenshots) is here.