With a software that is developed as fast as WordPress, you have to update those blogs quite often. Luckily, there are plugins like InstantUpgrade, which allow to upgrade a WordPress blog within less than a minute. Another necessity is to do regular backups, in case something goes wrong. Therefore, other solutions exist, for example wp-db-backup.

But many of us have not only one, but a couple of blogs. For example, a business and a private one. Or you administrate blogs of your friends, and will have to backup/upgrade them, too. So I think it will be gret to hear for many of you that with MultiManage, you can backup and upgrade all blogs you are in charge for from one panel.

There are no downloads available so far, because important features aren’t ready yet. But here are some screenshots, so you can get a taste of what it will be like:

Sites overview Adding a site Running backups and upgrades

Do you like the idea? What are features you’d love to see for this one? Let me know. :)