One feature that I was looking for in WordPress was the ability to place my posts in their own separate pages. Thus, I would have different “sub-blogs” defined for the same WordPress site instead of the single weblog allowed by the default installation. PostGroups is a plugin that allows you to create such groups of posts, and each group can be navigated individually.

For example, you can create a group of posts called “Quotations” where you’ll place various citations from authors you like. Another group may be called “My pics”, where users may see all your travel photos, and so on.

The plugin comes with a range of options that allows you to customize the way your blog will look like. You can choose beween having the groups shown along your list of existing pages (e.g. About, Contact, so on), or just display them in a widget.


Management page

Writing posts


For more info about this plugin and to download it go to the WordPress Plugin Repository