Hi Everybody!

First time plugin author here! I wrote this plugin cause I can’t stand Pay-Per-Click advertising, and I thought it would be nice to have an engine to link up blogs all over the place very easily. There’s lots of possibilities for expansion, and I hope to have the next version out soon with some additional functionality.


In order to be included in the network, you have to register – otherwise how would the plugin find you?

It’s widgetized, so you can just click “Add” and then input they key that you get when you register.

The selection of links to put on your blog is completely random, but within the category that your blog is, so the links are relevant.

In the next version I release, as part of a method to keep inconsistent bloggers (spammers) from just signing up and getting traffic for not doing anything, I’m going to have the service track posts, so that if you haven’t posted in more than, say, 2 weeks, your link doesn’t get blogrolled anymore until you start posting again!

Any feedback is TOTALLY welcome, and hopefully I’ll see other technology blogs showing up on my Blogroll soon!