The first release of my entry, Fun with In-Context Comments is now available.

You can get full details and download the plugin at

I’ve you’ve ever tried to find the solution to a problem in the comments of a plugin author’s blog then you may have encountered the frustration of reading a possible solution only to find that it related to a different version of the plugin, or a different version of WordPress.

I’ve had this issue on other blogs and I am concerned that it may happen on mine, in the event that I have a plugin that generates a lot of comments.

This plugin is my solution.

What it does

In short, it provides a method for your commenters to add context to the their comment by selecting an answer from the options you set them. So if you want your commenters to tell you what version of WordPress they are using then you can pose the question.

If they select a version from the drop down list their comment will be branded with their answer.

The questions can be added centrally, and triggered for each post you want with only a checkbox, or you can create post specific questions.

There are still a few interesting features to be added but the core purpose of the plugin is to add the context, and I’ve been using it successfully on my blog for a week or so now. I would love to hear any bug reports or features you think would be good.

You can find out more details, see the demonstration video, and leave a comment with context at Fun with WordPress, or you can download it directly from WordPress Extend.