Hi everyone,

I just finished up version 1.0 of my first competition submission, WP Comment Remix. You can get the full details and download link here: WP Comment Remix

Before now, if you had a popular blog (or even a not-so-popular blog), it was a pain in the butt to go through and reply to comments, and you never had a quick way to see which comments you hadn’t replied to. WP Comment Remix fixes all that.

Features your readers can see

With the addition of both public-facing features like Reply and Quote links on comments, this plugin makes it easier for your readers, and you, to coherently reply to comments.

And WPCR also adds a whole new functionality to comments, Comment Tags. Comment tags are a great way to allow your readers to classify their comments, so everyone can find specific tags quickly and easily.

If, for instance, your post is about fruit, and you want to see all of the posts about Bananas, you simply click the “Banana” tag and it filters to all of the comments about bananas.

Or, for a more real-world example, if you are reading a post about a plugin, and want to see all the bugs that have been reported (so you don’t report the same one) then you could simply click on the “bug” tag.

Features just for you

Then there’s the additions to the admin area itself. WPCR addresses many of the comment management needs that bloggers see every day.

First, WPCR adds a new comment notice above the “Comments” menu link that tells you how many comments you have that haven’t been replied to. Clicking on that link takes you to the comment management area with only those comments displayed.

On the comment management pages, WPCR adds new links, like Reply, Quote, Edit, and Ignore. The Reply and Quote links pop up an AJAX reply box, where you can reply to the comment without leaving the page. The Edit link takes you to the edit comment screen (where you can also edit the comment tags), and the Ignore link lets you tell WPCR that you don’t want to reply to that comment, and not to list it with the other comments that are in need of a reply.

On the Manage Posts page, clicking the comment # now uses AJAX to drop down the comments for that post. You can manage the comments here just as easily as on the comment management page.


WP Comment Remix also adds 4 new, powerful widgets for you to use:

Recent Comments Remix, Recent Trackbacks Remix, Most Active Discussions, and Most Active Commenters

Each widgets’ display can be controlled easily through the Widget controls

Admin Settings

All of the features in WP Comment Remix allow you to turn them on and off by changing the plugin settings, available under Settings > Comment Remix. So, if you don’t want to use comment tags? You can turn it off. Only want the Reply link, and not the Quote link? Turn the quote link off.

I like plugins easy that way :)


I’m posting here now to get your feedback, ideas for new features, bug reports, etc. All of the features I had in mind are present in the plugin, but I’m always up for ideas that will make this a better plugin!

  1. Video – I’m currently working on a video that will both showcase the features of WP Comment Remix, as well as serve as a help file to walk users through everything.
  2. Localization – This is the first plugin I’ve used the localization features on, so I’m still getting it all ready. Feel free to start translating it, though, this will be ready soon!


I’m still waiting on approval for the Plugin Directory, so for now I’m hosting the download on my blog: http://pressography.com/plugins/wp-comment-remix/