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xScape Theme Framework 1.7.8

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  1. New xScape Theme Framework is here, and it brings few new things, many improvements and several bugs fixed. Menus, widgets and bbPress module got most updates this time. Themes are not updated yet, but they are coming in the next 4-5 days with lightScape theme Core version.

    bbPress module is updated a bit with new styling, some new templates with bbPress 2.0 plugin final changes and minor fixes. There are few minor changes and fixes in general layout rendering in the framework. Menu designer got many improvements that include new menu item types (individual post by ID), improvements to post types archive (new options and drop down support) menu item and few changes are added to menus rendering.

    As for the widgets, all widget are updated to use improved 2 columns layout. Recent posts widget is improved and Pages Navigator expanded with extra options and settings. Pages Navigator has new rendering method, and the updated plugin is exactly the same as the standalone plugin/widget GD Pages Navigator 5.0. So, if you need that plugin, and you already use xScape, you have it bundled in.

    Right now, there are only two things left on the roadmap for xScape 1.8: login widget and conditional layout settings. So, both these things will go into development soon (some conditional things are done already). But, the extra time will be needed to convert all themes to Core versions, and to have more things put into xScape Core base theme. These things are what you can expect in the next two months of xScape development. Another thing that will be in the next 1.7.9 version is another set of improvements to bbPress modules: new layouts, new settings to control forums and improved styling.

    I am currently updating themes, and new versions will be out soon. There are some fixes pending in some of the themes, and new versions will be out over the weekend and next week. Core version of lightScape will be out next week, old standard version will not be updated anymore.

    Demo Website

    Test all themes, and try them with a free test drive, for both front end and back-end before deciding what is right for you. Free registration is disabled, so you need to send the request for the test account using the contact form.

    Demo Loader: http://xscape.info/load/
    Demo Home: http://xscape.info/


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