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wzThumbelina - Free WP Thumbnail Gallery Theme

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  1. Live Demo | Download


    • New, innovative thumbnail style gallery.
    • Seperate layouts for Homepage, single post pages and normal pages.
    • Widepage template included.
    • 404 page with recent posts gallery and search box included.
    • Built-in "Related Posts" with thumbnails based on tags. No plugins required.
    • Auto thumbnail generation from first readable image in posts with the help of catch_that_image() function.
    • Additional CSS classes to easily format image posts in single pages and change their alignments -
      • class=”leftalign” - displays images aligned to left with texts wrapping around it
      • class=”center” – displays images aligned to center with texts displaying below images
      • class=”rightalign” – displays images aligned to right WITHOUT text wrap. The text is displayed below the images.
      • class=”textright” – displays images aligned to right WITH textwrap. Text is wrapped around the images.
    • CMS based functionalities. Once the theme is activated, a Thumbelina Options link is displayed in your admin panel under the Appearance section. You can enter your details right from the admin panel and do not need to manually edit any part of the raw php theme files. You can add / edit the following -
      • Enter your twitter username. It will automatically be added to the Follow Me link in the footer.
      • Enter your Feedburner URL and replace your default feed URL by simply checking a box.
      • Enter your Feedburner ID and automatically get a link to “Subscribe via Email” image in the footer.
      • Enter your Feedburner Subscription Counter HTML and it will automatically start displaying in the footer.
      • Simply check one box and hide all the subscription links.
      • Add your Google Analytics code and other Stats codes (e.g. Statcounter) and it will automatically get included in all your pages allowing proper tracking of your traffic data.
    • Gravatar support.
    • Author comments highlighted.
    • Supports child pages and sub-child pages.
    • Suckerfish style dropdown menu for Pages on top.
    • Default thumb image display for posts or pages with no images.


    To prepare for unknown add-ons and external features, wzOrdinaire is released under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license, not the GPL license.

    Do check out the demo in details as it describes the different methods you can use to post your images and format them. That’s it! Enjoy the theme…

    Posted: 4 years #
  2. Who is CSS Creme that is linked to in the footer?

    Posted: 4 years #
  3. Hi Len,

    CSS Creme is the site that released the normal CSS template from which the theme has been derived.

    Posted: 4 years #
  4. Okay, thanks.

    Posted: 4 years #

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