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[wpseek.com] Find WordPress Functions, Template Tags, Function Sources & More

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  1. Hey folks,

    I'd like to introduce a little project I've made, and hope it will make everyone WP coder's life easier.

    Go to wpseek.com

    WPSeek.com is designed to improve the WP Codex Search as it acts as a very slick WordPress centric search engine. The facts:

    • Results page
    • Neat Auto-suggest that maps its content from anywhere within the function name
    • Related Codex Documentation
    • Code Snippets
    • Top Google Search Results
    • User discussions
    • User Notes
    • AJAXified results page; no need to reload page on any operation

    wpSeek ist available in English, German and Turkish and can be localized with gettext (.po and .mo files).

    Any feedback is appreciated. :)


    Posted: 5 years #
  2. I'm always intrigued by projects like this. It looks like a good start. Might be nice to be able to type in a question to get results, e.g. "How do I create random posts?" Beyond that, it's impressive.

    Posted: 5 years #
  3. Hey, thanks a lot for your kind words. But I'd like to keep it simple for now. A semantic search engine would go too far, since it's basically a WordPress developer-centric search engine.

    I just finished two things that should add some more value for WordPress developers:

    - A basic API: http://wpseek.com/api/
    - An Ubiquity plugin to lookup any WordPress function with Firefox & Ubiquity: http://wpseek.com/ubiquity/

    Posted: 5 years #
  4. WPSeek Mobile on the Android Market: https://market.android.com/details?id=com.wpseek.mobile

    Posted: 2 years #

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