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  1. At the beginning of september a new social news and bookmarking services titled WPscoop launched for wordpress related content.

    So what is WPscoop?

    Wpscoop can be best described as a social news website dedicated to everything wordpress covering topics such as News, Themes, Plugins, Resources and Tutorials. The news system works very much like you would expect from a social news websites, members can submit content to WPscoop which other members can then vote upon or comment upon. Only the most popular content gets promoted to the mainpage.

    Some Features

    Submitting content to WPscoop has been made easier with some nice tools like a browser submit button, firefox submit plugin and a wordpress plugin for bloggers. Once content has been submitted to WPscoop users can then vote upon or comment upon that content with the most popular being published to the main page. Voting is an up and down process and if a submission is voted negatively enough it will never be published according to the algorithm. Unlike some other social news systems members can clearly see who voted their story up or down and this is indicated by an arrow on the submissions who voted page, so no anonymous burying of stories at WPscoop.

    Members can also report a submission as being spam or for any other site infraction, after an undisclosed number of reports the story is automatically removed from the site and held for staff review. If the submission is found to be in breach of site guidelines it is removed/deleted completely, if the submission is found to be in line with site guidelines it is made accessible again to the members. Members also have the option to save content, this makes locating you favourite submissions easier and more organized.

    Each member at WPscoop gets a profile which provides information about themselves along with their actions on the site, you can add friends to your profile and private message other members, we are currently testing other social features like Groups, Forums, Job Board and have recently implemented a Member Affinity system. Member Affinity logs and calculates your actions on the site then matches you against other users with similar interests.

    WPscoop is a great resource for finding and collating all the good wordpress content that is published weekly on the web, it can also help bloggers to receive more traffic to there wordpress related posts.


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