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WPG2 3.07 Released

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  1. WPG2 3.07 Released (Update / Upgrade via Wordpress Extend)

    * 0000066: [Bug] WPG2 Page gets Generated Multiple Times in WP 2.5
    * 0000067: [Task] Add Lightbox / Slimbox Switch
    * 0000058: [Bug] Gallery2 2.3 Embedded Site Admin Link
    * 0000065: [Bug] Incorrect Gallery2 Session Handling for Users Already Logged in.
    * 0000064: [Bug] WPG2 Login Fatal Terminates.

    Posted: 6 years #
  2. Is there a description of the plugin anywhere, or a link maybe?

    Posted: 6 years #
  3. From the Wordpress Extend Page :)

    WPG2 is a Wordpress Plug-in that embeds Gallery2 within Wordpress to share photos, videos and any other Gallery2 content seamlessly into the Wordpress Sidebar and Blog entries.
    WPG2 Features

    * G2Image insertion tool in your Edit Toolbar to help you select one or more Gallery 2 Images, Videos, Albums (displays the Album Highlight Image) in your Blog Posts or Wordpress Pages
    * Random, Recent, Daily, Weekly, Popular Images and/or Albums can be displayed as widgets in the Wordpress Sidebar
    * Single Signon of Wordpress Users into Gallery2, with the ability to restrict Gallery2 Sign on through Wordpress User Roles and Capabilities
    * Display your Gallery2 Page(s) from within the automatically created Wordpress Page.
    * Add Lightbox Effects for your Gallery2 Images


    Posted: 6 years #

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