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  1. Styleicious is a free Wordpress theme which was recently released. It is fully compatible with wordpress 2.3.1 and has tagging and tag cloud enabled.

    We(me and my coder) worked hard on this theme and it validates as XHTML STRICT. It is also CSS valid

    The theme is fluid, so anyone with a resolution higher than 1024x768 can fully enjoy it.

    We added some cool ajax features to the theme like AJAX search and ajax comment posting, we initially added ajax page navigation but we had some problems with mod-rewrite, as soon as we get round it i will update the theme.

    Official release post: http://thaslayer.com/2007/11/05/styleicious-web-20-wordpress-template-the-great-launch/

    Live Demo: http://themes.thaslayer.com/2/

    Download link: http://thaslayer.com/styleicious.zip

    Alternate Download link: http://slayer.webarea.ro/styleicious.zip

    I hope you enjoy this theme!

    Any feedback/suggestion is welcome.

    Thanks a lot,

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