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  1. New theme released but currently unable to upload to themes.wordpress.net so no demo available at this time.


    This is a two column theme based on various shades of orange with a right hand sidebar and a green header.

    This theme has been designed to work with Wordpress 2.3 so there are no hooks for plugins such as UTW. However, it does work with Share This and Dunstans Error pages. There are also inbuilt classes (e.g. Alert) which allow you to fine tune the style of each post.


    It is not a sponsored theme. It is released under a Creative Commons BY-SA licence. There are a few links in the footer back to the blog where the theme was created and it would be appreciated if you left these in place.

    Demo and Download
    At the moment there is no demo available but the screenshot and download are on the Compuskills Blog.

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