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WP Theme: Connections Reloaded 1.5

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  1. With the release of WordPress Widgets and requested by several of my users, I felt it but appropriate to release a new version of Connections Reloaded.

    Presenting Connections Reloaded 1.5!

    What's new?

    • Complete code rewrite
    • Complete support for WordPress 1.5, 2.0 and 2.1-alpha
    • Support for WordPress Widgets
    • Archives, Links and "Pages with Comments" Page Templates have been improved
    • Trackbacks and Comments now displayed seperately.
    • Title tag rewritten to take care of 404 error pages and search results pages
    • 404 and search pages improved
    • All displayed text now written with _e. This is one more step towards internationalization
    • Though the DOCTYPE is set to be XHTML 1.0 Transistional, the code is XHTML 1.1 compatible for those who prefer it.
    • Improved the footer.
    • Display of the calendar has been improved
    • Have added five new classes to style.css, viz. alignleft, alignright, center, left and right. The first three are aligns, the last two are floats.

    Read more and download...

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