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WP Theme: Connections Reloaded 1.2.2

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  1. Connections Reloaded 1.2.2 is now out.

    It comes with a few fixes and changes as follows:

    - Fixed a bug that caused comments on password protected posts to remain hidden even after entering the password. File modified: comments.php
    - Replaced Google Reader with Add to Google button under Subscriptions. File Modified: sidebar.php
    - Removed code of a plugin from index.php. It wouldn’t cause your site to break, but it wasn’t required.
    - Removed all target="_blank" attributes from the code files.
    - Footer text modified. File Modified: footer.php
    - Removed Firefox button from the sidebar.

    Read more and download

    Posted: 8 years #
  2. I have released a .psd file for the header for my theme Connections Reloaded.

    Read more and download...

    Posted: 8 years #

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