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Wp-SendSMS plugin for wordpress to send SMS using SMS Gateway

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  1. Recently new plugin for sending SMS through wordpress website using SMS Gateway has been released. Plugin Name is WP-SendSMS. This Plugin can be used in india and other country where SMS Gateway provider is available and providing API for sending SMS.

    WP-SendSMS Features:
    - Editable SMS Gateway Integration in plugin setting Page.
    - Sender Id Setting
    - Remove bad Words or not
    - Maximum Characters in one Message
    -Captcha code enable/disable and Also can set Captcha Size and Number of Character
    - Add Extra Confirmation page while sending SMS
    - Allow or Not to allow users to send SMS without Login
    - Show Custom Response or Original Response from SMS Gateway API

    If a free plugin available for wordpress. Author is going to update this plugin time to time and getting suggestion from its user.

    For more information on plugin. You can Visit TheDigiLife

    This plugin is available on wordpress repository here

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