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WP Plugin Update: AWSOM News Announcement 1.4.0

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  1. The new AWSOM News Announcement 1.4.0 version is now available for download from the http://www.awsom.org website from it's product page: http://www.awsom.org/awsom-easier-news/

    This version features multiple News Announcement display, user level selection for each news post (so display the post only to non-registered users--which is great for advertising, or display only to registered users or any user level from contributer up to admin--which is great for displaying premium content only to registered people). You may also now set Authors or Editors as able to administer your News Posts.

    And of course it still supports running php code, use of the visual editor for news entry, and placement anywhere in your site including the default index page placement, placement in posts or pages, or directly in theme files.

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