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WP-Plugin: Technorati Tag Cloud for WordPress 2.3

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  1. In a previous post, I posed the question "what's next?" I guess it was just a matter of time before I try digging deeper into WordPress 2.3's taxonomy schema, more specifically, the native tag cloud support.

    There's nothing wrong with WordPress 2.3, honestly. At least, for me. I like it, even if a lot of people aren't very happy with the database changes it made in the background. I can't blame them. No matter how many times someone explains the impact those changes will make, it will still confuse most of the WordPress users out there, including me.

    So what did I do now? I wrote another plugin that will display the tag cloud linking to Technorati instead of the blog. A plugin involving Technorati tags again? Do I have an unknown addiction to Technorati? Do I love Technorati that much?

    To tell you the truth, I don't even know how Technorati works. I just know that it crawls the web for posts tagged with some keywords, and that's it. It may be good for SEO, but it all goes over my head as I don't know jack about SEO, also.

    What I know is, if there's a need, someone will provide it. If no one will, then one must fend for his own. And that is why I made this plugin. Not only do I get to help out - well, at least I think I do - but I also learn a great deal about how WordPress works and some PHP programming.

    Hope this new plugin release addresses some of other people's concerns. If not, then please let me know what I can do. To read more about my latest plugin release, click here or you can go to my Projects page.

    Posted: 6 years #
  2. UPDATE: 10/08/2007
    Technorati Tag Cloud for WordPress 2.3 has been updated. This release removes the excess trailing slash and uses a plus (+) sign in place of the hyphen (-) used in separating slugs of the multiple word tags. The download link has been updated and it is advised to download the latest version to produce a more accurate Technorati tag search result.

    Curretn Version: 1.1

    Posted: 6 years #

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