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WP-Plugin: Tarkan's Multipage Toolkit

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  1. http://www.tarkan.info/20080106/tutorials/wordpress-plugin-multipage-tool-kit/

    This plugin improves on the pagination features for multipage posts function builtin to Wordpress.

    With this plugin you can use page headings (titles). Quick navigate using next and previous links or page heading links.

    Other options include using a drop down menu or page numbers

    Hope you like it....

    regards, Tarkan

    Posted: 6 years #
  2. Updated to version 1.2

    Change Log

    Version 1.2 (20th March 2008)
    Added a check for trailing slashs and permalink structure for paging
    Cleaned up readme.txt for better formatting
    Checked compatibility with WP 2.5rc1

    Version 1.1
    Add new quickjump method - list menu / content table

    Version 1.0
    Initial version

    Posted: 6 years #

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