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WP Plugin: shantz-wp-qotd (Feature rich, customizable "Quote of the day" plugin)

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  1. http://tech.shantanugoel.com/projects/wordpress/shantz-wordpress-qotd
    Shantz WP QOTD is a plugin to add quotes to your wordpress blog in a few easy clicks. It adds quotes to your posts and your sidebars with a multitude of options for sources and customization.
    There are many quotes plugins out there. This one has been started with a view to have the best of features and options, ease of use and multiple sources to get the quotes from.


    * Add quotes to all your posts automatically.
    * Widget support - Can also have a widget in the sidebar for quotes.
    * Customize and style your quotes with your own text and tags.
    * Multiple sources for quotes (paste in admin page, get from file implemented, fetch from web/rss soon to come)
    * Multiple patterns for quotes - Random Quote, Quote of the day (all posts display quote of the day), Quote of that day (all posts display quote for their own days)
    * Pattern for widget can be different
    * Customization for widget can be different
    * Add quotes to top or bottom of posts
    * Custom template tag to add quote anywhere you want
    * Custom quote boundary decalarator tags/Multiline quote support
    * Enable/Disable the quotes without deactivating the plugin
    For details, download and support, go to

    Posted: 6 years #
  2. I updated the plugin to version 1.2.0. the changes are:
    * Added option to exclude pages from displaying quotes
    * Fixed a bug that quotes source selection checkboxes always remain checked after updating settings.
    * Cosmetic: Fixed a few spelling mistakes :)
    As ususal, get it from:

    Posted: 6 years #

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