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WP-Plugin: Random Quotes

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  1. Source Page: WP-Plugin: Random Quotes

    This is an updated version of the Random Quotes plugin by Dustin Barnes. For a more detailed description regarding the features of this plugin, including styling, please visit the original author's plugin homepage.

    I have taken the liberty of updating this plugin for WordPress 2.5+ since the author has unofficially stopped the plugin's development.

    Changes in this version include code cleanup that made it appear correctly under the Manage section of the Admin area of WordPress. It also no longer requires the user to add the file edit-quotes.php to the wp-admin folder as previously stated in the original version.

    Download the plugin here.
    Unzip the files.
    Upload the folder with the files directly to the plugin directory
    Activate the plugin.

    Just a note of disclaimer: I haven't tested this on a new install of the plugin, so I suggest you backup everything first before trying this fix.

    Happy Hunting!

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