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WP-Plugin: Gaboinked! Login Widget

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  1. The Gaboinked! login widget version 0.5.0 has been released to the public. Personalization of any blog is important to readers and with the Gaboinked! login widget added to your sidebar, you now have native support for Gravatars as well as 3rd Party plugins, WP-openID and Invite Friends. Blog members may register or log in from your blog’s frontend, and get a personalized user experience configured by admin settings.

    Learn more at:

    Posted: 6 years #
  2. This is a premium plugin and requires a Paypal payment in order to download it.

    Posted: 6 years #
  3. Yes, there is a nominal $4.99 donation request in which the details of the support is explained. I've written and shared other freely distributed plugins and will continue to do so, but my intentions and need for donations is not unlike plugin developers or blogs that ask for donations.

    Several hours have been invested, and I just ask that the community be allowed to choose if they wish to contribute or not without bias. Would you be willing to share any ideas on how to encourage donation support that is a balance between the developer and user so I can avoid any stigmas but accomplish goals for other development efforts?

    Posted: 6 years #
  4. I know this thread is a year old, but I'd advise against purchasing the premium plugins, I've still not recieved mine after paying, and no response from the admin about it, and seems several others have had similar issues. Just a heads up.

    Posted: 4 years #

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