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WP Multiflex 5 - Very advanced WordPress port of a popular template

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  1. I'm pleased to announce that the Multiflex 5 template has been ported into WordPress:

    -Page list control options
    -Choice of post icons through custom fields
    -Widget ready sidebar

    Screenshot: http://www.themelab.com/images/wp-multiflex-5.jpg
    Demo: http://demo.themelab.com/index.php?wptheme=WP+Multiflex+5
    Download: http://www.themelab.com/downloads/wp-multiflex-5.zip

    Release (more info): http://www.themelab.com/2008/04/09/wp-multiflex-5-free-wordpress-theme-44/

    Links to designer and coder only...no sponsors.

    Posted: 6 years #

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