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  1. WordPress Theme for WP Marketplace Plugin. Start earning even having your own products. Convert your WordPress site into a full featured marketplace.
    WP Marketplace Prime Features:

    • Affiliate Management System
    • Front-end user profile manager
    • Front-end user product manager
    • User fund manager
    • Product Rating Option
    • Mostly featured like codecanyon.net

    Additional WP Marketplace Prime Theme Features:

    • Full detailed option of  Typography  to change fonts and colors of  text
    • Changeable Background where you can use color, color + texture or your own image
    • Customizable Header
    • Social sharing widget
    • Rating option with comments
    • Short-code for creating tab
    • Short-code for creating call-to-action buttons
    • Short-code for highlighted box
    • Short-code for collapsible box
    • Short-code for accordion
    • And many more....

    and many other features, check our demo to get full picture.
    Product info page: http://wpeden.com/product/wp-marketplace-prime/
    Screenshot: http://wpeden.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/wpmp-prime.png
    Product Demo Page: http://wpeden.com/preview/?product=MTU2Mw==

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