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WP & WPMU Plugin [Updated]: WP-Live-Chat

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  1. As a plugin author I am amazed that Automatic haddn't come up with this sooner. It is well known that the makers of wordpress as a 'Virtual Company,' use IRC extensively in the running of their day to day business.

    Net savvy users have also known that Wordpress and WPMU have live chat rooms on Freenode IRC network, for users to ask the programmers and company representatives support questions and get a live answer.

    Somehow, these two platforms IRC and Wordpress, have never managed to quite be blended.

    Now with WP-Live-Chat - Chat Meets Blog.

    The archive contains two plugins.

    WP-Live-Chat-Freenode is a plugin that provides Bloggers with a way to connect their readers to almost any chat channel on the Freenode IRC Network, from any page or post on the blog.

    A simple markup which can be entered in any post or page allows the blogger to select the channel - skin style - and even the custom icon of the chat link.

    WP-Adult-Chat is a nearly identical plugin designed to connect to the Bondage Radio Adult IRC chat server.

    While connections are limited to these two IRC networks for now, future development plans include connecting to additional IRC networks and porting the plugins to other popular, web development platforms such as mambo and Google Widgets, and popular website platforms like phpBB, etc.

    WP-Live-Chat is a WordPress/WPMU Sponsored plugin with a link back to the developer's site is displayed immediately above the chat icon, and a single 117x30 advertisement is displayed at the top of the chat window once the chat is activated. In both cases the link is appropriate to the selected site content. Sponsorship for the single ad in the chat window is handled through Project Wonderful and bidding starts at one cent ($.01) a day and, to protect the users, NSFW advertisements and sites are NOT accepted at this time.

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