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  1. <h3>You are The Author.</h3>
    Register and publish your news strait away.

    We designed www.WordPress.Mu exactly for that purpose: Say Your Word and Press Mu.
    Because You are The Author.

    <h3>What is different in Word&Press Mu?</h3>

    1. All registered users are Authors.
    2. No approval is needed for your entry.
    3. You register and you login without having to wait for confirmation email.
    (You'll have it, but you don't have to wait for it.)
    4. All links are "follow" (rel="follow") .
    5. Author's links are "follow follow" (rel="follow follow").

    Mark (Madhujit) Ghosh advised us that we should make it clear to all WordPress users - turning on "follow" linking in your weblogs would turn the whole community in SPAM Farm.
    Don't do that.
    We did it as a contribution to the WordPress authors community.
    Our "follow" linking is the least we can do for the people that dedicated their knowledge and time for a better WordPress blogging.

    See the rest of the news at WordPress.mu

    Posted: 7 years #
  2. We had a small misunderstanding with Mark and I had to publish the news with the note about his advise.

    I'd like to unfold the matter about "follow" linking and try to make it clear for all WP users.

    Is it wrong to use rell="follow"?
    Do you make difference between "follow" and "dofollow"?
    What harm would cause removing "nofollow" from your blog linking and live it empty?
    What is the harm if you replace it with "follow"?

    Please, give your comment!

    Posted: 7 years #
  3. I am not sure you understood what I had to say. Also, you might want to consider changing the name of your domain.

    Good luck with your new blog.

    Posted: 7 years #
  4. <quote>Also, you might want to consider changing the name of your domain.</quote>
    That is out of the context.
    I don't think that somebody has the right to tell me that, except if it is said as a threat.
    I'm sure that it is not a threat and I'll answer your advise: No, thank you. I'll keep the domain name.

    Moving back to the topic.
    I didn't probably understand what you meant and that is why I'm trying to open discussion here.

    You might want to explain what did you mean saying that you will not let the community turn in to Spam Farm with "follow" linking on.

    Posted: 7 years #
  5. No answer...
    At least tell me, why didn't you say that there is no such a thing like rel="follow"

    Posted: 7 years #
  6. Muu,

    He was suggesting that you change your domain name for good reason--it's trademarked. Also, WordPress has publicly requested that people not register domain names with the word "wordpress" in the name:


    (and nobody is threatening you, quite the opposite, actually)

    As for the follow/nofollow thing... there isn't such a thing as a "follow" attribute, because that's the default behavior of any link. Some cursory research will give you all you need to know: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nofollow

    Posted: 7 years #
  7. noahwesley, I know that there is no such thing as "follow". That is why I'm asking him, why didn't he say it?
    Instead he BANed me with the accusation that this will turn WorPress to Spam Farm.

    I hopped that this April joke about "follow" (I mention it in my first post #4) will make me look fool and open a discussion, but Mark is too afraid that in the discussion will appear other issues...

    About the domain name:
    It was for sale and I both it.
    That is not crime or against the law.
    I don't use "WordPress" in the name of the web site.
    The name is Word&Press Mu.

    BTHW in few days time I'll write an article in wordpress.mu about this story.
    Not everything is the way it seams to be.

    Cheers, my friend :-)

    Posted: 7 years #

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