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Wordpress plugin[updated]: akWpUploader ver 0.6

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  1. A new update of akWpUploader: Alternative wordpress image uploader using flickr, is now available.

    The aim of this plugin is to fill the void created by default image uploader which some times fails to properly resize the images.

    To solve this, it is using flickr as image manipulation tool, so that you can upload your image at flickr, manipulate the image as per you choice and the, using this plugin easily integrate it into your post.

    With release of version 0.6, i think the plugin is ready with all the basic necessary functionalities.

    More info:
    akWpUpoader: Alternative Wordpress Image Uploader using Flickr


    Now i need your help to test it, so that i can convert it from a beta release to confidant stable release.

    Posted: 6 years #

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