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WordPress Bug: Tags do not appear under WP_Query

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  1. WordPress has been perfect and bug-free for me. However, I discovered one lately. Firstly I came across this bug when I was developing an Gawker-style WordPress theme for a client of mine. I used custom WP_Query loops several times there and I was asked to display tags inside them too, the way Gawker does. This did not happen, of course, that is why I am writing this post. By that time I thought it was my fault that tags did not appear.

    A couple of weeks ago, I coded a new theme for my blog. I used several custom loops there too, powered by the famous WP_Query. When I tried again to show the tags inside them, they did not show up. That made assured me that it was a bug. To have more context about this, please have a look at the following WordPress loop:

    For more: http://www.wplancer.com/wordpess-bug-tags-do-not-appear-under-wp_query/

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